Lighting & Interiors

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The Distance is pleased to expand our services to include interior consulting. Whether you just need a second set of eyes to figure out the placement of furniture in your home, or you want to give a room a complete makeover, we are here to offer our guidance. Let us help you select materials, finishes, and fixtures to suit your tastes and needs. Combining a love for vintage design and modern minimalism, we can help you create a welcoming, classic, and comfortable home.


Our favorite way to create personal and unique interiors is to infuse a space with one-of-a-kind touches. By incorporating vintage furniture and decor in a room, we are able to create a sense of character that is often missing in new, store-bought items. We take the time to hunt down just the right piece for each client.


modern minimalism

It doesn't have to mean white walls and no personality. Our view is that simple, beautiful design is oftentimes more powerful than all the bells and whistles. Less is truly more. Keep only the things that are needed or loved.

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